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Tis' The Season

Tis' The Season

The most wonderful time of year can be the worst time of year for some. However, this Christmas, we decided to turn the “worst” time of year to the “best” time of year for some local Murfreesboro families! 

Kelman Edwards, owner of Championtone Fitness, and a good friend of Charles Rucker, has orchestrated a toy drive every year, for the past 7 years.  His goal is to give back to the local communities that are less fortunate than us. 

When collecting toys, he starts asking for donations in early December. People and businesses from all over Murfreesboro bring in clothes, toys, toiletries, games and so much more.

We were one of 5 vehicles with loads of gifts. We looked like a parade when we would pull into the neighborhoods honking and yelling “Come get your toys!” “Merry Christmas!” 

We drove around to different parts of Murfreesboro, TN and gave these kids and their families the items that were on their Christmas list! 

Being able to provide families with the items they needed most was very rewarding! In addition, we heard stories about HOW some families had become homeless and how some families had JUST become homeless the week prior. It’s hard to imagine unless you’re actually there hearing those stories. We cried and laughed together and tried to make light of a heavy situation.

Kelman said, “Most toy drives collect items and then no one really knows or gets to see where they go. You don't get to see the joy on the kids' faces. But this toy drive is different. The Championtone Fitness toy drive not only collects hundreds of items, but we load them up and go into the local neighborhoods and hotels and personally come in contact with these families and witness the smiles on their faces. We are able to personally give the communities and watch our actions change lives.”

We are so thankful for Kelman and the community who help pull this off year after year. It has given us ideas on how to give back to our community and others moving forward and how surrounding yourself with likeminded people brings awareness and more ideas to the table. 

We are more than a supplement company. We are family. We are your neighbors. We are your friends, and we are Ruck Strong! 

We hope you all had a very safe and joyful Christmas and New Year’s.

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