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Arnold Classic- Where the legends play!

Arnold Classic- Where the legends play!

By: Nicole Maxson

Arnold Classic- Where the legends play!

For some history, The Arnold Sports Festival began in Columbus, Ohio and changed its name to the Arnold Classic in 1989. Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most famous body builders in the world during the 1970s and 1980s, created the Arnold Classic to showcase bodybuilding. Now, there are thousands of competitors that want in on the hottest competition of the year! Years of preparation goes into these athletes and the Classic itself!

This year, Arnold classic 2022, is hands down going to be the best experience and event that will not be forgotten! Not only is Charles Rucker going for the title for Men’s Physique, this will also be the first time his supplement company and team will have a booth!

Charles lost in 2020 by only one point in the Men’s Physique! Will he be coming back with a vengeance? I THINK YES!!! With the time not competing, Charles has not only been building his company, he has been building his body, mind, and spirit to take the title this year!

With the new launch of products, this will be prime time for all eyes to be on the up and coming sports nutrition companies.  This is the largest sports festival in the world and Charles and his team are blessed to have a booth and to be able to support him as he embarks on this journey to be the 2022 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion! #RuckStrong #charlesrucker #rucker #ruck #rucknutrition

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