The Ultimate Stack 


The Ultimate Stack 

As you may no by now, Ruck Nutrition has dropped two new products this year so far. You may not have ever wondered where these product ideas come from but there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to bring a product to life. 

As a competitor, you take multiple things and they each have their specific role. Not only that, but you start adding more food and water in, too. So,as a business owner of a supplement company, one thing Charles Rucker likes to do when creating a new supplement is find the need for it. He’ll ask himself what HIS need is for taking it. Then, he will see what he can do to make it different from anything else on the market. When Charles starts prepping for a show, he’ll do a detox to really clean his body out and get his body prepared for what's to come. A detox is really good to relieve toxins from the kidneys, liver, intestines, and vital organs in your body. When you add a probiotic in the mix it’s going to put the “good” bacteria back into your system that the detox had taken away. It's going to help your digestive system and keep the bad bacteria out which keeps you from being bloated and retaining water. Which is what tends to happen when you add more food and water in. So Charles took a detox and a probiotic and combined them to give you the cleanse of your system while keeping your digestive system working its best, too. It’s called Total Cleanse.

That product combined with the fat burner, RuckCutz, has allowed him to drop weight quicker in the beginning of prep than normal. As stated above, when you first start prepping, most of the time more food and water is added but so is more training and conditioning. RuckCutz gives you the energy and focus needed to get through the day and your workout while decreasing your appetite, and curbing the cravings you get from having to cut out anything not on a meal plan. Mind you, competitors lead a different lifestyle from someone who is solely trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. It was important to have an ingredient in this product that would make it easier to not crave anything that would lead you away from the plan AND have something that would raise your endorphins and keep you in a better mood. 

Since launching the products we have had some amazing feedback, especially from women using the total cleanse seeing that bloating and water retention is typically something they struggle with. We’ve heard that their digestive system is working like it should be and creating more regularity and that the number one thing they noticed was not being bloated. As far as the feedback on the fat burner, it’s doing exactly what we created it to do. Tunnel vision focus, clean energy, and appetite control have been reported across the boards so combining these two and being able to launch them together for everyone to try has been a great accomplishment so far!

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