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A Rumble In the Boro

A Rumble In the Boro

Rumble in the Boro was a charity event that raised over $50,000 for kids with cancer. It made history as the largest charity event that Middle Tennessee has been able to host. Ruck Nutrition was honored to be invited and able to donate to a great cause. We donated to With Love, Shepard Foundation, and St. Judes. 

The Rumble was a charity boxing event that took place at Carbon Culture in the parking lot. The forecast called for rain all day but ended up staying clear to allow for the boxing event to continue. 

My boxing coach for the past 8 years, the owner of Bloody Nose Boxing, had 3 amature boxers boxing in the event. These are some kids and adults, now, that I’ve had the privilege to watch grow during my time training with them so it was really cool to be able to see them participate in something that was for such a good cause. 

Marc Lobliner and his team at Carbon Culture did an amazing job putting this together and hosting this event. There were people from all over the country that showed up to help support these kids. Like, all the way from Hawiia! 

Ruck Nutrition set up a booth which allowed more exposure to our new products that had just launched a few weeks prior. We had a great turnout and were able to sell products and gear and create relationships with other companies and people we otherwise might not have ever got the chance to meet. 

Our team always has a lot of fun at these events since we can give prework out in shot form which raises the whole energy of the area so we are looking forward to doing more charity events in the future. 

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