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Ruck Nutrition does a 22 pushup challenge for PTSD awareness

Ruck Nutrition does a 22 pushup challenge for PTSD awareness

If you haven’t caught on yet, Ruck Nutrition is not just about being strong physically. We stand for mental health as well as this has been tested time and time again throughout the years. Ruck Nutrition has always been a big supporter of our military personnel so we decided we wanted to support our veterans even more so for Memorial Day with a 22 Hand-Release Pushup Challenge to bring awareness to Mental Health and PTSD. 

PTSD is something many people in the military struggle with, especially if they have served overseas and have been in combat and experienced trauma or witnessed it. 

A report that was made by the Department of Veterans Affair reported that an average of 22 american veterans commit suicide each day. We started the challenge with 22 days left until Memorial Day and our response was incredible. So many people joined in the challenge and showed their support. 

The owner of Ruck Nutrition, Charles Rucker, dealt with his own form of PTSD when he got into a wreck at 20 years old. Him and his friends hit a tractor trailer head on that ejected them through the window causing trauma to his face and body. These injuries kept him in and out of the hospital and operating room for over a year. He even had to eat through a straw for over 6 weeks. That combined with having to heal from the other injuries to his body caused him to lose over 100 pounds. 

When you have PTSD, you suffer with things like flashbacks, night terrors and night sweats, nausea, and trembling. He wouldn't drive for the first year after the wreck because of the fear and flashbacks that followed him. So when it comes to mental health and PTSD, he was able to relate easily, unfortunately. 

We are so thankful to have a platform that allows us to be able to share statistics and bring awareness to such a tender topic. It was a priority leading up to Memorial Day and we are so thankful for all those who serve and have served for our country so this was a tribute to them as well.

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