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Charles Rucker and Ruck Nutrition team at the 2021 Memphis Bodybuilding Show

Charles Rucker and Ruck Nutrition team at the 2021 Memphis Bodybuilding Show

After a year with little to no competition state-to-state across the nation, the first annual Memphis Bodybuilding Show was held on April 24th, 2021.  Ruck Nutrition was proud to participate and sponsor the city’s first bodybuilding show of the season.  “The atmosphere was electric with energy. Just walking into the building was overwhelming with excitement”, said Charles Rucker, “much because the Memphis Bodybuilding Show was the first show in Memphis not only in 2021 but for several years”. The fitness community has grown in west Tennessee the last 4 years so the need for a competition was much needed. 

The sell out of the prejudging showed the support and love the community has for the NPC in bringing this important event to the city.  The anticipation for Ruck Nutrition was overwhelming from supporters and fans of the brand. Launching Ruck Nutrition’s newest products and training just days before the show helped us hit our all-time record for single day sales. The crowd at the booth wasted no time buying products and taking pictures with Charles Rucker and the team. Representing Ruck Nutrition and as one of the nation’s top men’s physique champions, Charles was selected to present the trophy to the Overall Bodybuilding Winner at the close of the event. 

There will be more events for Ruck Nutrition with NPC throughout the year and leading up to the Arnold 2021 when Charles will return to the stage to compete for the title in Men’s Physique. 

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