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Charles Rucker and Team Head to California

Charles Rucker and Team Head to California

Angles, California is home to many of the world’s fittest, and fittingly, the manufacturing lab for Ruck Nutrition.  In fact, every supplement formulated at Ruck Nutrition undergoes intense scrutiny and real-life trials by Charles Rucker himself and his team. 

After a near win at the Arnold in 2020, Charles set his mind on the brand’s newest formulas designed to take the world’s most elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the next level.  So for the past several months, the Ruck team and lab specialists have been working hard on the next generation of new Ruck Nutrition supplements. 

LA was a great experience and gratifying to say the least. I am hands-on in every aspect of my company and felt this trip was essential to the growth of Ruck Nutrition into a global brand, states Charles.  The first day of the trip took the team to the manufacturing lab for a behind the scenes look at how supplements are formulated, tested and processed before they are ready for retail. “The experience was surreal because I never knew all the nuances to creating flavors and how detailed you have to be in order to create a well-researched, quality product. After testing numerous pre-workout flavors for the newest Ruck pre-workout, the energy was high. It was a great experience to see the meticulous attention the lab team had in creating our products. To capitalize from the euphoric feeling they next ventured to the legendary “Iron Addicts” gym by invitation of Mike Rashid. Iron Addicts is known as the home of the great C.T. Fletcher.   

For those who have never been to Iron Addicts, the experience can be surreal. From the original authentic equipment to the people it was pure nostalgia in its best form. 

As Charles put it, “The music and the energy provoked an energy that made you want to tear the doors apart. We were greeted with open arms by a few of Iron Addicts gym members in anticipation of my and the Ruck team’s arrival.  The hospitality spiked our energy levels even higher, fueling an incredibly intense workout. We went so hard that it sparked the attention of C.T.’s cousin, a man that goes by the name of Ice Train, who is a force within bodybuilding and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.” 

Stay tuned for our newest releases and for Cali 2.0 when Charles and Ruck Nutrition return for another round of the Cali lifestyle!

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