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Mental Health What does that look like ?

Mental Health What does that look like ?

By: Nicole Maxson
Mental Health- What does that look like?

     The State of Tennessee Department Of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Dr. Monty Burks asked Charles Rucker and his Ruck Nutrition team to be a spokesperson for mental health awareness. Opening up the conversation about it gives us so many great avenues, resources, and friendships that maybe we didn’t know about!

This was a big moment for him because mental health has played such a huge part in his life. Charles has dealt with mental health with his mother being on disability.  Charles is a big advocate for mental health because just like many of us, he even struggles with it one way or another.

Then in 2020 he was faced with his own issues after losing 16 friends and love ones in a year and a half. This is where he found himself going to therapy to discuss things from his childhood and dealing with the death of so many people in such a short time.

What does mental health look like to you? Is it supporting a family member or friend? Is it experiencing it for yourself? Regardless of where you fall in these two questions, you are VALUED!

Our Ruck family is a family of individuals who care about your physical health but more importantly, your mental health! Charles Rucker said, “If I have the opportunity to bring more awareness to it, I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

This mental health seminar was held on October 28th, 2021 and several people came out to hear his story. They also were able to hear how they can receive various resources regarding mental health as it is playing such a big part in our community.

Not only do we want to be there to push you physically, but we are here to be that listening ear. There are so many resources available to you or a loved one that we want to expose you to! Don’t be afraid to ask! Be #RuckStrong #charlesrucker #rucknutrition 

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