Welcome to our first Booty by Ruck Challenge! This powerful 30 day program will help you build your best backside with invaluable training, tips and tricks of fitness competitors.

Led by your Ruck Performance trainers, Carman Charland and Dakota Robertson, this workout series will put you solidly on a path to building a strong, curvy and bodacious booty!

Discipline, proper technique and consistency are key! This program is designed for women by women - complete with videos and guides for every age and every level of fitness.

You will be guided through a variety of glute focused exercises that will help you isolate and activate sleepy glutes, strengthen your hip joints, tone and shape your legs, and lift and tone your booty!

This dynamic booty clinic will be offered online worldwide and in person (for individuals living in the Murfreesboro/ Nashville area). All participants will receive individualized check-ins and one-on-one coaching. Limited availability. Sign up early to reserve your spot.

Booty By Ruck Summer ‘21 Challenge includes

  • 30 days of glute training that will improve your flexibility, endurance, and strength, and overall physique.
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Personal check-ins & individualized tips with Carman & Dakota
  • Tutorial videos to perfect your form, and produce better results
  • Learn the different muscles of the glutes and find the connection

Winner of the Challenge.
That’s right, this is more than a booty building camp… it’s a challenge! So gear up, get ready, let’s do this and win some awesome prizes!

  • $150 cash
  • 1 free month of training
  • Free Ruck Nutrition supplements
  • Ruck Apparel

This challenge applies to you if:

  • If you want to fast track to building a strong and curvy booty
  • If you’re new to training or looking to improve your form and performance.
  • If you want to advance your training - to strengthen, tone, and lift your booty while improving your overall physique.
  • If you do not have time to train longer than 30 to 45 mins
  • If you’ve tried other training methods with minimal results
  • If you’re looking for a sisterhood of inspiration & serious motivation.

Limited Spots Available. Sign Up Early & Get $10 Off:

  • $65 (sign up by 6/25/21)
  • $75 (sign up by 6/30/21)
          ○ Includes a free shirt and 50% off your first order of Ruck Nutrition.

          ○ Plus the chance to win our challenge prizes!



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