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Flyte Sport MEGA

Flyte Sport MEGA

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    • Support Heart Health*
    • Improve Brain Function*
    • Decrease Inflammation*

    People take Omega-3 supplements for a range of reasons. Some are looking for improved heart health, some an anti-inflammatory supplement they can count on, while others might be looking for improved mental sharpness and cognitive function more generally. Whatever reason you might have, Flyte offers a naturally-formulated Omega-3 supplement to help you prosper in your purpose-driven lifestyle.*

    • FLYTE is thrilled to offer our sustainably sourced, highly absorbable, triglyceride form Omega-3 dietary supplement. Yielding benefits such as improved heart health, superior brain function, and a decrease of inflammation, count on our professionally-formulated Omega-3 supplement to boost both your physical and mental conditioning.*

      Research indicates that the essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA) found in fish oil can help immune health, mood, as well as eye, heart, and brain wellness. With a natural lemon flavor and 1210 mg of Omega-3s in each serving, you’ll get everything you need from a fish oil supplement — and nothing you don’t. Build wellness and prosper with Flyte!

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