Available for pickup in the greater Murfreesboro, TN area exclusively. Delivery via GrubHub coming soon.

Eat right with delicious on-the-go meals by Munch in Murfreesboro, TN.  Rucker's Kitchen Meals are made fresh daily with nutrient-rich, wholesome ingredients. Our chef-crafted meals are perfectly portioned for competitors to health-conscious people on-the-go. 

Discover our fresh takes on Tilapia to Chicken, Vegan entrees, lean pork , lean Steak and much more.  Come back monthly for new menu options plus all your favorites!

Available at Munch in Murfreesboro (Map it). Coming soon to GrubHub for local delivery.


The official meal prep for athletes Daniel Ryjov, Charles Rucker, Samantha Sanders and healthy-craving foodies like you!

Ruck Chicken Mango Bowl

Made with grilled chicken breast over coconut brown rice, grilled broccoli

Calories -: 364

Protein-: 38

Carbohydrates-: 42

Fat-: 6

Price-: $10

Cuban Pork Bowl

Made with smoked pulled pork over rice, pickle relish, homemade creamy mustard, pickled onions and mozzarella cheese.

Calories -: 665

Protein-: 38

Carbohydrates-: 35

Fat-: 48

Price-: $12

Ground Turkey Fried Rice

With mixed vegetables in a sesame soy sauce.

Calories -: 492

Protein-: 32

Carbohydrates-: 36

Fat-: 27

Price-: $10

Tilapia Over Jasmine Rice

With mixed vegetables topped with chimichuri sauce.

Calories -: 407

Protein-: 29

Carbohydrates-: 35

Fat-: 15

Price-: $12

Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Topped with sugar-free syrup.

Calories -: 420

Protein-: 21

Carbohydrates-: 45

Fat-: 5

Price-: $9

Impossible Taco Bowl

Made with jasmine rice, Impossible beef, roasted jalapeno corn, black beans, cherry tomatoes, salsa verde.

Calories -: 612

Protein-: 35

Carbohydrates-: 78

Fat-: 17

Price-: $13


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