I’ve been a certified personal trainer for the last 13 years and I work with people from beginners to advanced athletes such as Eddie George.

We offer unique and customized coaching courses that I and my team have created. A lot of thought and preparation has been put into designing each program. These unique courses are built around one question, “How can we help others along their journey? I’ve been a certified personal trainer for the last 13 years and I work with people from beginners to advanced athletes such as Eddie George. Whether you seek to lose weight, get summer-ready, take your fitness to an entirely new level or prep for competition, Ruck Performance Academy is designed around our 360 degree approach to strengthen your body and mind. Find your perfect challenge. Ruck Performance Academy provides virtual one-on-one and duo personal training sessions backed by science and nutritional advice to get your body in peak shape.

Customized 1 on 1 custom training and nutrition programs

Proven personalized programs by hand-selected, certified trainers

Measurable results are guaranteed with a three month commitment

Thomas Goode Vice President, Ruck Nutrition / Ruck Performance Academy Trainer

Thomas' interest in fitness started with sports at a young age playing football looking to prove himself as one the better athletes in his hometown.  As he grew older that focus and drive piqued his interest in athletic training and performance. Although it was a slow and tedious process to find his purpose and passion, he resigned from his job in the summer of 2018 and began to pursue his passion for fitness full time. He is a certified Personal Trainer with International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and he specializes in athletic training but also loves working one on one with the everyday client that aspires for a more balanced physique and the mental balance that results from exercise and good health. He believes fitness should be more than a hobby... a lifestyle. Ruck Nutrition has provided Thomas with the platform to cultivate not only his dreams, but to also make an impact on a larger audience. “I always strive for the best and am unapologetically honest in my passion to help lead the Ruck Nutrition brand to new heights.”

Dakota Robertson

Dakota’s been an “athlete” since she was in elementary school. Yes, cheerleading is a sport! After high school it took about 4 years to find herself in a gym and on her way to a bodybuilding competition where she competed and won her class in Figure. After 2 years of prep and competitions she realized her passion wasn’t as much in the competition world as it was to lead and inspire others.  Looking back through the trials of busy schedules, negative self criticism, and judgemental eyes, she saw there is more to bodybuilding than standing on a stage or having the best physique in the room. As Dakota puts it, "I found it’s more about the mental health that comes with feeling good about yourself no matter where you are in your journey."  Most importantly, she understands that everyone is different and is facing their own battles but sometimes it takes the right support system, mindset shift, and guidance to get you over the hump and on to living your life.  When you have a healthy mind, confidence and a strong body, there's nothing you can't accomplish. “I’m thankful for a platform that not only stands for a healthy lifestyle inside the gym but inside your mind as well, as that’s where it all starts!”


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